We are excited to announce the launch of Ohio Health Benefits new website! Ohio Health Benefits is a independent insurance broker in Northeast Ohio, with offices in Tallmadge and Hiram OH. We gave the new website a fresh, modern design that best reflects the broker and its beautiful facilities. We focused on giving visitors a user-friendly experience, with distinct calls-to-action and easily accessible resources. Ohio Health Benefits is most known for providing a reputation for personal attention, [...]

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Charene Creative Presents New Website for Michael R Balog

Charene Creative launched a new website for Michael R Balog, a real estate agent for Howard Hanna in Aurora Ohio. The website at automatically adapts to personal computers, tablets or smartphones. In today’s mobile world, most people use their mobile devices to surf the internet. This means that most consumers will likely begin their search on the internet on a mobile device. Search engines also rank websites that are mobile-friendly better than other websites. Charene Creative [...]

8 Signs You Shouldn’t Hire That Web Designer

Every now and then I'm reminded that there are unethical web developers looking to take advantage of clients or maybe they just don't know any better. Either way, I hate explaining to anyone that they're going to have to pay me a lot of money because their web designer didn't do his/her job correctly. Plus, there's nothing I hate more than cleaning up someone else's mess! Choosing the wrong web designer can be costly and you may [...]

Business Cards: Branding in the Digital Age

Between contact management apps and social media, it appears business cards have become a thing of the past, or have they? As technology continues to advance at warp speed, business cards are still a great introduction to your brand and remind people who you are and to connect with you online. It's pretty easy to quickly tell if a company values their brand by looking at their business card. We've seen it all from the good, the [...]

It’s your business and website, take control!

You've just been given access to your brand new WordPress website. It's beautiful and sure to bring you lots of business. Hopefully, the web designer trained you on how to login, make changes, add new posts and upload images, but did they lock you out of certain features that make WordPress so unique? Hopefully not, but we've seen this happen. Sometimes before a web designer will hand over a site to a client they will disable the [...]