Delivering Brands With a Heart

“The Wizard of Oz” can teach us a lot about branding and how to succeed during scary and challenging times. We're nowhere near Kansas anymore but like Dorothy we can overcome our challenges and lift others up along the way just like she did. The irony in the Tin Man's story is that he already had the heart that he was searching for all along. As an experienced Digital Agency, Charene Creative has been providing digital marketing [...]

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Santa Clause & Branding

Santa Claus has an image like no one else. The jolly, large bearded man dressed in a red-and-white suit, is a prime example of brand purpose and messaging in perfect alignment. Manned by elves and traveling in a sleigh, Santa knows his target audience. Take a look at your business, what is the message you portray and does it resonate with your target market? When your clients see a certain color, font, design and message, do they immediately think [...]

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Announcing the Launch of a New eCommerce Website for Weld500

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new eCommerce website for Weld500, an Ohio based online welding products distributor featuring innovative and affordable products mainly used for GTAW (TIG) welding. After 40 years in the welding supply business, Weld500 has developed a new set of consumables for (GTAW) TIG welders especially for the USA market based on the mission of  providing excellent welding products at affordable prices. The new Weld500 website supports that mission. Charene [...]

Announcing Launch for NEO GO Network Brand Identity and Website

Charene Creative is proud to announce its newest brand identity and website launch this month, NEO GO Network. NEO GO Network is the Ultimate Networking Calendar designed to help you spend less time managing your networking schedule and more time networking! The calendar includes a CSV tool which allows you to download monthly events into spreadsheet applications like Excel and Numbers. So whether you are a business looking for a networking event or a group trying to [...]

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Introducing Weld 500’s New Brand Identity

There are a million things to think about when you embark on a new business venture and one of them is your brand identity. At Charene Creative, we are proud to announce the launch of a new company and their new brand. With a very strategic approach, we are also glad to introduce their business tagline “Joining Performance & Price” to create a clear picture of their vision and mission. Take a look at the design journey [...]

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