A lesson in momentum and simplicity.

The strategy of soapbox derby racing is pretty simple, a engineless car, a ramp to gain speed and a hill to race down. Most brand campaigns are the complete opposite. They often get stuck because of over complicated messages that never catch the audience’s attention. The campaign often lacks creativity or strategy and is diluted with irrelevant, uninteresting content, and messages that are vague and inconsistent. At Charene Creative we build for performance, making the complex seem [...]

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Inside the mind of an entrepreneur: Sleep & Insomnia

Some of us thrive working in chaotic situations and others of us are totally panic stricken. For the entrepreneur, it’s important to make sense of and know how to handle the chaos in order to truly succeed (and sleep). If you’re like me, running a business looks pretty chaotic most times. But chaos translates that I'm busy and busy is always good:) Between juggling multiple hats and maneuvering the rapidly changing business environment, decision making can create conflict [...]

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Logo Refresh Challenge: Modernize Identity

Agora Nuevo Travel, a Solon based travel management company who can help you plan a once in a lifetime travel experience without breaking the bank, liked their logo but knew it needed an updated look. They initially only wanted a modest refinement but chose a newer solution once they compared it to their old logo. The owner really wanted to keep the red hat graphic and it was our challenge to freshen it up while creating a [...]

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Google+, Google My Business and Google Reviews: what you need to know

I've had a lot of clients contact me confused over the email they got from Google notifying them that Google+ will be shut down on April 2, 2019. The somewhat scary announcement warns that all profiles and pages will be deleted along with any photos or videos stored in the Google+ album. The site is being shut down because very few people actually were using it. You do not need to do anything but sit back and [...]

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Listen to our new radio ad!

Charene Creative is scheduled to be WNIR's Website of the Week beginning September 3rd and running until the 9th. The radio spot will run 16x/day Mon.-Sat. throughout all of their local programs. The Talk of Akron, WNIR 100 FM is a commercial FM talk radio station. You can listen online at http://www.wnir.com/ or check the spot out below!

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