Move over content, visual is now KING!

Why? Because the brain processes visuals faster than any other type of content and strong imagery is easier to digest on smartphones than text heavy pages. In fact, marketers who use visual content get more customer engagement, more leads, and more followers, which ultimately results in conversions. Below are some ways to create visual content to engage your audience. Take information you’d normally present in text form and turn it into an infographic that can be easily [...]

SEO and Mobile Search Optimization

According to Google, more than 50% of all mobile searches are for local products or services. Today, smartphones have become personal computers that accompany us everywhere, every moment of our day, including bedtime. Since April 21st, Google began penalizing websites that don't provide a good mobile experience to those users. That means mobile search optimization and responsive web design are more important than ever and reach across most demographic audiences. SEO has changed drastically over the years [...]

Finding Your Unique Brand Image & Identity

A brand identity is how a brand wishes to be known while a brand image is its personality and how it is perceived from the customer's viewpoint. Two very different things that are often confused and not aligned. Your logo, tagline, domain name, website and brochure are all important elements that make up a brand identity. Your corporate image is what people think of you and the unique contribution you provide to your target customer. If you [...]

Business Cards: Branding in the Digital Age

Between contact management apps and social media, it appears business cards have become a thing of the past, or have they? As technology continues to advance at warp speed, business cards are still a great introduction to your brand and remind people who you are and to connect with you online. It's pretty easy to quickly tell if a company values their brand by looking at their business card. We've seen it all from the good, the [...]

Mobile Search Results: Will Your Website Take a Hit?

Google is making huge changes starting on April 21, 2015 to its search algorithm to accommodate mobile audiences. Their purpose with these changes are to improve the mobile search experience. Not only will they label your site as mobile-friendly or NOT, but they will also use this info to determine if your site should rank higher in mobile search results. What does that mean for any site that's not mobile-friendly? Will those websites completely disappear from search [...]