Just like some parents should be ashamed at themselves for the names they give their children at birth, companies should be embarrassed by a bad domain name. After all, Matline is how illiterate people spell Madeline and if you had to say her name you’d call her Mat Line which means she might be assigned to boys P.E. in sixth grade! You get the picture. Really weird or creative baby names will only cause a lifetime of grief, teasing and mispronunciations. The same can be said for the domain name you choose for your company. Your domain name is your online identity, so be as careful choosing it, as you would a name for your new baby!

Choose a domain name that is short and simple so it will be easy to remember and type correctly. Names with special characters like hyphens are harder to communicate over the phone and people often forget to type them correctly into their browser. Typos mean visitors may accidentally end up at your competitors site if they have a similar domain name without those special characters.

Domain names with two identical letters together are also more prone to typos. It is best to use your company name or a description of your product instead of company initials. People would instantly know what a site called “ShoesForSale” is about because the full title is much more descriptive than the acronym “SFS.”

Check out a few of these domain names that read as something other than the product they represent. I can’t help but wonder if the last one listed was chosen for its shock value. If you have ever come across a really bad domain name, share it with us.

Do you need a temperature recorder? http://DicksOnWeb.com

Looking for a custom made pen? http://www.penisland.net

How about a vacation to Spain? http://www.choosespain.com

Need to know who represents a celebrity? http://www.whorepresents.com

Are you looking for someplace to buy or rent scaffolding? http://www.mammotherection.com