How many times today have you opened your inbox and been extremely frustrated by the number of junk email messages you’ve received? Be honest, how many did you actually even read? Maybe a handful of them are from companies you’ve asked to hear from, but a majority are not and end up in the trash.

Eblasting can be a great way to market your business when done properly and sent to a specific email list. However, if your company spams others, you will devalue your brand and turn off potential clients.

Don’t put someone on your email list just because they gave you their business card at a networking function. Your email list should be made up of qualified and interested potential clients. The ideal email subscriber is one who opts-in themselves.

If you are a new company and do not yet have a mailing list, display at an industry trade show where you know your potential customer will be. Offer a giveaway or contest that requires them to put their business card into a drawing. Anyone who does this knows and understands that you’ll be adding them to your mailing list. You can also add a signup form on your website for potential clients to opt-in themselves.

Sending out a once a month or occasional email is sufficient. Any more than that and you may end up aggravating potential clients who may then opt-out of receiving your emails.

If someone does unsubscribe, for whatever reason, please do not keep sending them messages! And, don’t make it difficult for someone to unsubscribe. The other day, I wanted to opt-out of a particular newsletter and was sent to the company home page where I had to search out the option. I have also been asked to provide additional information about myself and my company to unsubscribe. Very annoying!

To be successful in terms of open rate, be creative in your message by including helpful tips, resources and information instead of just selling new services. People like to feel engaged and connected, so share announcements or news about your specific industry that they will benefit from. Encourage them to visit your website, office or call you directly so you step beyond and go deeper than the email itself.

Your copy should be short and to the point with a strong call to action so readers will respond to it. Make sure to reinforce your brand in the design of the eBlast which will help your recipient easily identify you. Write your eBlast to your target audience so they will understand and appreciate your content. No one likes to be spoken down to.

Creating a successful eBlast campaign means your emails will not only be welcomed, but also opened and read. Share with us some other tips and resources that you have found successful in developing your email campaign.