Most business owners believe that their site’s domain name must be the same as their business. Although this is the ideal solution, sometimes it is not always possible if the domain name is already taken. A little extra creativity is often needed to come up with just the right domain name that is catchy, easy to remember and near to the business name.

Here are some tips that will help you come up with the perfect name for your company.

  1. Make up words. Companies make up words all the time and this actually helps to brand a business and set them apart from the competition. Google and Yahoo are great examples of made up company names. My own company name is actually a combination of my name and my mother’s name. “Char” for Charisse and “ene” for Irene. (Charene)
  2. Add key words before or after your name that identifies what you do and helps with search engine optimization. My corporate name, was already registered to another company so I added the key word “Creative” onto my name. ( I was also able to purchase, and which all point to my main site and help identify my business niche.
  3. Always choose the .com extension. I know many people will disagree with me, but choosing the other options will be confusing for your customer. If you are creative with your name, you will not have any problems finding the .com extension.
  4. Keep your domain name as short as possible, but never misspell words just to get the domain name you want. This will just create confusion. Stay away from abbreviations or number sequences unless they are extremely obvious. Never use hyphens because they make a domain name look less professional and typing in the dash will be difficult for most people.

Always register your domain name under your name or your business, not with the hosting company or anybody else! You should always have full control of your domain name so you can sell, cancel, transfer and set up servers.

Remember, your domain name is a vital part of the branding process and can make all the difference between average or spectacular sales. Good luck and think creatively!

I recommend but you need to set up an account with them first and pay for a yearly hosting plan. The plan allows you to search and register a free domain name in the process.

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