CarDecalCharene Creative is a full-service, integrated branding + digital agency located in Aurora, Ohio serving Cleveland, Akron and surrounding areas. Our work goes beyond just designing ads, brochures, or websites. We provide simple, conceptual solutions to complex branding problems by focusing on your unique strengths and target audience. We offer honest and clear advice to help you reach your goals both online and offline.

We understand that advertising’s main function is to put money in your pocket, and we partner with you to ensure that everything we do meets that goal. We also understand that to be truly effective, we have to be a jack of all trades. When you hire us, you hire experienced creative people who can work in both print and web. No middle man or sales representative, you deal with the owners and creative people who solve your problems, face-to-face.

We work hard to give your brand a unique and creative look and feel that speaks clearly to your target market. We understand the importance of a strong brand strategy and how it really revolves around every single aspect of your business. When finished, we will differentiate your product from others in the marketplace.

Finding Your Unique Brand Image & Identity

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Graphic Design Firm Evolves into Integrated Branding Agency

Back in the early 80’s, my husband and I were two young art students. My husband graduated from Kent State University in 1988 with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts, and I graduated from The Cleveland Institute of Art in 1984 with the same degree. Married in 1984, we were the typical starving artists, working full-time and moonlighting on the side.

My mom suggested that we start a corporation to make all the tax stuff legitimate. Irene, my mom, combined her name with mine and created The ChaRene Company. She registered the business as a minority women-owned corporation in 1986.

I always placed emphasis on the “R” in the corporate name because this was the common letter in both our names. For a time, the corporation also leased out construction equipment. My father’s business was going through many transitional shifts at the time and The ChaRene Company helped him make the adjustment. Dad passed away in 2010 and mom in 2018, but they will always be remembered as amazing people who generously helped us out and passed down the entrepreneurial spirit!

Irene and Pete will always be remembered and loved for fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship!

The corporation became a full-time venture in 1991. Back then, ChaRene Graphic Design mostly focused on developing one message that could effectively reach as many people as possible through print advertising. Through the years, with the introduction of the internet, the corporation evolved and changed to offer digital services to our clients. We’ve gone through two corporate makeovers since then with the most current taking place in 2010.

We believe the name Charene Creative really reflects the scope of our services. Our focus is to design and create your advertising so it will grab the attention of your customers and communicate your company’s brand message in a compelling and powerful manner. We accomplish this through the ideal mix in all media, both online and traditional.

Charene Creative is a results oriented, ROI focused, integrated branding + digital agency. Your target market and budget are always the top priority of every campaign strategy we create. We leverage our technology and experience to develop unique creative strategies that speak directly to your target audience through the ideal combination of online marketing and traditional offline media. The result is that you come away with a top notch creative strategy, without budget waste!

The rise of social media, along with a host of new technologies, has transformed marketing as we know it. At Charene Creative, we will show you how to leverage your marketing efforts across all of today’s digital and traditional media to meaningfully engage your customers and increase your profits. Now, that’s integration!

Take a look at just a sampling of our online portfolio and be sure to check out our news which offers helpful branding and advertising tips and advice. Contact us at (330) 524-5001 or email Charisse here if you have any questions about our integrated branding services. We look forward to hearing from you.


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