When you say “contact us”, do you really mean it?

When you say “contact us”, do you really mean it?

In our technology age when people are starving for human contact, talking to a live customer service person who responds promptly is key to retaining and growing a business. Unfortunately, many owners and managers worry that because they might not know the right answer to a specific question, it is better to not respond at all.

On the contrary, customers understand that things can happen and would prefer that someone respond to their inquiry right away rather than be ignored. The simple act of answering or immediately returning their call can show a customer that their business is important and valued. Exceptional customer service will lead to loyalty.

Be honest if you don’t have the answer to their question. Apologize to your customer and let them know that you will immediately get back to them. Then do it and if you can’t immediately help, call them back and let them know you need more time.

The same holds true for social media. If a customer complains or has a question, respond as quickly as possible. Whether or not you are using social media, someone will be talking about your brand online and it is better to know about it right away and handle any issues quickly.

All employees should have the tools and training needed to answer customer questions. They should also be given the authority to make decisions about offering customer discounts, free shipping or other value added services to correct errors or address complaints.

A great product or service is what first hooks a customer to make a purchase, but then it’s superior customer service that earns their trust and loyalty! Share with us how you keep your customers coming back year after year.

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