Last week I wrote about the importance of a logo in building a brand. This week I would like to discuss taglines, their purpose and what makes some more effective than others.

The Kay Jewelers tagline is an example of a great advertising jingle that works. Their tagline:  “Every kiss begins with Kay.” In addition to its memorable tune, the imagery that this tagline conveys is consistent with what every jewelry purchase is meant to achieve. This tagline is engaging and communicates something emotional that everyone can identify with.

To create this type of memorable tagline that will hook someone into becoming a customer, always focus on and understand your ideal customer. Keep in mind that not everyone will want or need your product or service so make sure to identify who does.

What are they concerned about? What will make them happy? How can you help them solve a problem? How will solving their problem make them feel?

The really great taglines communicate a company personality while subconsciously describing product benefits. The most memorable and effective slogans connect on some deep emotional level which should build brand loyalty especially in today’s price sensitive atmosphere.

To craft a catchy and effective tagline that connects emotionally, we use the KISS principle. (Keep it simple, stupid) The wording should be short, clear and easy to say and remember so an audience can instantly connect and relate to its message or hook.

Crafting a beautiful tagline that is unique and distinctive ultimately should help people know more about a business. An inspirational tagline is one more element in building a strong and successful brand that will hopefully prompt people to open their wallet.

Do you have any favorite taglines, good or bad, that you’d like to share? Why do you think they are a success or failure?

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