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Does your website test well?

Most average students know how to finish their homework, get good grades on quizzes, and complete their assignments in time so they can run out the door to play. Excellent students know their weaknesses and push themselves to reach further than the average student to ace the test each and every time.

Underperformance, whether in the classroom or in business, is not something to strive for especially when it comes to your website! A website that might look beautiful in one browser or screen might look terrible in another because different browsers interpret web coding differently. As you might imagine, it is impossible to control what type of computer, monitor, software, operating system and browser that people use to surf the internet.

At Charene Creative, we preview the sites that we’ve created in Safari, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer for Windows – before going live with a website. We run these cross-browser tests to insure that most visitors of a website can use it and navigate through it quickly, easily and with the same consistent presentation.

Browser compatibility testing is crucial because inconsistent and messed up web pages can undermine a visitor experience and confidence with any brand. Not everyone will have the newest or most up to date browser or computer monitor so that means various versions of browsers and screen resolutions must be checked to verify the integrity of a website design.

Google Analytics is a valuable tool that can help businesses to understand which browser and operating system is being used most by website visitors. Once someone understands which browser and system is most popular with their target audience, testing can be done and design modifications can be fixed preferably before a website goes live.

This may […]

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Snow in August and the New Social Consumer

We got our first dusting of snow today … in August! It stuck around until afternoon, allowing me to take some photos as proof. Every year when the first snow falls it seems like it’s earlier than the last, and it seems like summer is even shorter than usual this year.

What on Earth is going on? Is it global warming, the end of the world, or is instant worldwide communication making us more aware of extreme weather patterns and profoundly changing how we view the world?

Whatever you believe, there certainly is a lot of talk on the street about all of these Earth and world-changing social forces, both in the traditional media and on the Internet through social media.

Take for instance, the photo I took on Monday of our crazy Ohio hail storm. I had a picture posted on my Facebook wall as soon as the hail stopped and I had time to inspect the office for damage. Friends from all over the country immediately commented on our early winter arrival.

Social networks have also been credited with today’s efforts by many people in Middle Eastern countries to overthrow tyrants and dictators. The power of collaboration, community, instant communication, mobility, content and sharing have made it possible to take down authoritarian regimes! Who would have ever thought?

Our daughter was home this weekend and we took her out to a new local restaurant. We had a horrible dining experience. In addition to high prices and lousy service, I was splashed in the face with salsa by a waitress cleaning tables.

My husband and daughter told me that I looked like the gal who forgot to put the top on the blender before turning it on. My daughter shared […]

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