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Unbelievable But Totally True: Crazy Marketing Strategies

Robert Ripley would have had a great time with many of the stupid marketing mistakes that are made by small businesses today because they balance between the absurd and the ridiculous.
No names please, but someone we know truly believes they can generate sales if they just offer the right product or service. They believe that all they really need to do is print up some business cards, attend a few networking events and sales will magically fly through the door!

They talk about word-of-mouth advertising and how it is key to growing a business. They think that a website is not needed and building a brand identity is out of their reach and too expensive.

Truth is, a website is a very small investment that puts your business in front of thousands of potential customers. Consumers are finding businesses and services exclusively through the internet and they use Google and other search engines to find information about them.

If a business chooses to stay offline, they may be losing potential clients! Forget about the Yellow Pages because most people take them from the door step to the recycling can.

A website reinforces credibility and increases your business reputation. It is your online storefront that is open 24/7 providing potential and existing customers information about your products and your brand.

Consider, if you dare, smartphones and the future of mobile marketing. They have become the most powerful source of local advertising ever invented. Most smartphones are built with a GPS and the apps focus on helping consumers to find local businesses.

Smartphone apps also provide a helpful link to the website of each business that is searched. So, what happens when someone tries to search for your product or service locally and […]

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Google + William Shatner = Interesting People

What happens when two Creative Directors marry each other? Answer: Creative Mates. So, naturally, last night our conversation revolved around the new social networking site called Goggle+.

My husband said to me, “Guess who I added to my circle of friends on Goggle+?” “Who,” I said. “William Shatner,” he said. “No way,” I said! “Really, I added him to a new circle that I call interesting people,” said my husband.

It seems Google+ booted William Shatner temporarily out because his account was flagged for violating standards, or so it’s thought, Captain Kirk might have been an impostor. Either way, my husband was so intrigued that he searched for him on Google+ and he’s back! He simply added Mr. Shatner into a circle he called interesting people. Just like that!

Google+ launched to the public on June 28, 2011 as a limited field test and is available by invite-only. They are strict with their rules and have been kicking people and groups out for violating standards. It seems Google’s tight security actually reassure many users.

The new social networking site makes sure that those who sign up are who they say they are, unlike many other social networks. Google+ easily integrates with Google’s maps and images and was designed to help people organize social contacts easily into many different custom groups or circles.

Our 20-year-old daughter actually invited us into Google+. It seems she likes it better than Facebook. When I asked her why, she responded it is because she can edit comments unlike Facebook, follow people like Twitter without them following or friending her. And, then there is the video sharing and face-to-face group chat within circles, sort of like Skype, that has incredible and exciting possibilities.

Could Google+ combine the […]

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It’s not selfish, it’s self-hosting.

We are taught as children not to be selfish. But in order to be successful in business, you need to be selfish sometimes. Being selfish in business obviously doesn’t mean hurting or taking advantage of others. It means focusing on the important elements that are essential to your long-term success.
So what is being selfish in business really about and how does self-hosting fit in? If you are really serious about your online reputation and blogging, then you should have your own self-hosted blog. What that really means is you should host your blog on your own server, with your own domain name using a blogging platform.

Most new bloggers start blogging by using a existing free hosted blog network like WordPress or Blogger. They sign up for the blogging service without understanding the drawbacks of using someone else’s domain. These 3rd party services make blog setup simple and seem hassle free, but they have serious limitations. The most serious disadvantage is that your blog is never actually yours and you have no control over your content and what happens to it!

By using a 3rd party service, you lose control over self promotion, brand identity, copy content, art, bandwidth, hosting space, email IDs, RSS feeds, and much more. Just imagine, for a moment, months or even years of hard work instantly gone because the 3rd party service shuts you down? You are out of luck and have no options!

For example, offers you lots of free subdomain names based on the address name availability, but the url you get is always which is long and hard to remember.  And, using someone else’s domain name will hurt traffic and SEO to your blog. Instead, host your blog […]

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Do you hate your website?

Does your website look outdated, forms don’t work well or is the user experience poor? Are you fed up with the person you hired to design your website? Sick of waiting months for it to be created or updated, paying a lot of money and then hating the results?
You’re not alone. Many businesses are just plain confused as to where to go or who to trust when hiring a web designer. They are frustrated by the experience and know that creating a new or updated website is not easy, takes time, energy and money.

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT, I BEG YOU – your online presence is critical to the success of your business! Look for a responsible, experienced, honest and creative web designer whether it’s us or someone else. And please, keep your website current. You don’t want customers to land on your website and find nothing but a blank page or outdated information.

Your website is an advertising piece just like your brochure and corporate identity so make sure you hire a web designer who understands branding and marketing. Many computer programmers understand how to build a website, but fall short in crafting a marketing message that reaches your target audience.

It is not a good idea to use a web design company to host your site and purchase your domain name. Oftentimes, businesses get confused about this and are told it is better to have everything in one place. The problem is that your web designer can hold you hostage in the future. Even worse, if they go out of business, not only do you loose access to your hosting account but you loose your name, forever! I have seen this happen on several occasions.

Building a […]

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