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Say Cheese: Marketing With Online Video

Both your parents and kids generations are online searching for information and quality content. Why not wow them with a fun, memorable and entertaining video, turning casual browsers into paying customers!

Video marketing can help bring your business to life, extend your reach and expand your credibility. A professionally produced video may just be the thing that sets your business apart from your competition and lead to increased revenue!

Maybe your product or service is complicated to explain and an entertaining how-to video or educational tip can help demonstrate and convey complex information more clearly than the written word. Perhaps a video can help train or answer common customer questions saving you valuable time and money.

Most people prefer seeing moving pictures and a story through video to reading lots of text. A video can not only help to educate customers, but also make them feel more confident about your product and brand.

Before you go out and buy a video camera, you should understand that any video you produce should be shot and then edited down with music and sound effects. To create a professional looking video, you need the right tools including some creativity to come up with a good idea.

If your video is being used as a promotional piece, we recommend it not be more than two minutes long. An educational or how-to video can run longer, but keep in mind that you’ll loose your audience quickly if it is dull and boring.

Just like any marketing or advertising you create, keep in mind who your target market is and the message you want to convey. Make sure to end your video with a call to action and contact information so people know where to go and […]

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Are people in the mood to shop while on Facebook?

Do Facebook ads get your attention? I am curious to know what you think. We have placed a few ads on Facebook and while it is fairly easy to do, ROI really depends on the type of business or service you offer.

Facebook does a great job at letting you target your market and you can be very selective when it comes to who will see your ad. For example, you can have Facebook show your ad only to married men aged 41 to 50 who are specifically interested in golf and live within a 30 mile radius of your business location.

The amount you pay for the Facebook ad really depends on how long you want the ad to run and how many people you want to see it. The big advantage to advertising on Facebook is driving traffic to a fan page. Get them their and you’re more likely to retain your audience and gain their trust.

Facebook users are in a social mindset so you will have more success advertising if you use the social component like offering sweepstakes, giveaways or contests. As an example, take a look at our latest promotion to drive more fans to Charene Creative. Our plan is to purchase Facebook advertising while running this contest to attract more fans.

“Like” Charene Creative on Facebook and enter to win cash by guessing how much money is in the baby bottle pictured on our wall! It’s simple to do … Just click on the picture of the bottle, once you’ve logged into Facebook and […]

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Down with Tyranny: Is the customer always right?

I have always been a big believer that customer is King, but there are times when that customer care strategy can look more like tyranny! Yes, that’s right. Not all customers are created equal, so don’t waste your time on the bad ones. This may sound crazy to you, but any relationship, even the buyer/vendor relationship works best when all parties respect and value each other.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I am not suggesting you cut off any client for some menial issue. No matter your industry, we are all basically in the customer service business and without clients, even annoying clients, we have no business. No one is perfect and no company or project is either. Mistakes are made and feelings can be hurt. You might even be the offender yourself!

Over the last 25 years, I have noticed there are certain abusive client type behaviors that undermine a business relationship. The biggest offender of all is the client that thinks what you do is easy and takes no time at all. If they ask you to do something for nothing, walk away.

Remember, it doesn’t matter how much you need the work, be selective and be careful how much comp work you agree to. If someone asks for a freebie usually it’s followed by, “I will refer you to everybody I know and send a lot more work your way.” Forget about it because it won’t happen!

There are also clients who will continually ask for a price reduction and will make up a number of excuses. Maybe they are on a tight budget or business is down, but all they are really telling you is that they don’t think you’re worth what you charge. And, from […]

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Does your brand have a magnetic personality?

Ask yourself, does your corporate brand have the power of attraction to instantly connect your product or service with others or is it dull and boring? Call it chemistry, magnetism or sparks, the power of attraction can be difficult to explain, but we can connect to it on a deep, emotional level.

What is it that draws this ideal customer to your business? I believe it is as simple as being yourself, understanding who your business serves and then discovering how to communicate that through behaviors, actions, words and corporate image.

As an example, if your product or service is perfect for young professions, chances are you’re not going to attract them by putting out the ‘I’m stodgy’ image. Nor will you look appealing to the more established, middle age crowd by trying to look too hip and trendy. Each and every target market needs a different look and feel to get those fires burning!

Make sure your company’s personality matches up with the people you’re trying to attract and then make them want you by coming up with great product benefits to solve their problems. If your name, slogan, website and corporate values all reinforce that you are the best at providing what they want, you’ll attract new customers willing to invest in your brand.

You can’t accomplish this if you confuse your potential customers by using a different logo or marketing message on each and every advertising element you create. Keep your communication consistent and focused on your target audience so they will want and remember you!

Remember, it’s all about image. Your corporate brand needs to look unique and act professional to survive in this age when consumers absorb thousands of commercial messages daily. Consumers are inundated […]

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