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Don’t let Grinch get you down!

As I reflect on another year gone by, I wonder where it went and what did or didn’t I accomplish. So many things happened, but for everything that went wrong there are many things that went right.

I guess it is human nature to remember the bad and forget all the good stuff. But that’s life, the good and the bad: happiness, pain, love, hatred, suffering, compassion, sickness, health and even redemption. Life really wouldn’t be worth living without all those things.

While reflecting on the past year, Charene Creative would like to suggest that you take the time to remember and give thanks for the great things that happened in your personal life and business this year. Build on all the positive things and carry that into the next year.

For me, my family is healthy and mostly happy, but yikes … I have two teenagers living in my home! My business survived another year and even increased sales and profits despite this ongoing recession. We’ve been saddened by sickness and challenges, but in spite of it all, we’ve witnessed countless little acts of kindness and compassion.

As we say goodbye to 2010, lets try to remember that every situation, problem or challenge serves an amazing purpose. It has been my life experience that the Lord can bring something good out of something bad. After all, that is the story of the Gospel. Bringing goodness out of badness is the Message of the Cross!

This is our last post of 2010 – We’ll be taking a break for a couple of weeks. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Flash websites: Stop flushing future business down the toilet!

It happened again just this week. I was working at my computer sending out our holiday eblast when a email reply arrived. “In the next month or so I would like to talk to you about my website that is not visible on my sweet new iPad due to Apple’s aversion to Flash content.” (Apple’s mobile iPod, iPhone and iPad platforms do not support Flash and there is little chance that Steve Jobs will change that because he wants to protect future revenue.)

My heart went out to him, because I know how much he paid creating this awesome Flash website. Without adequate information on Flash and its drawbacks, clients don’t stand a chance of making an informed decision.

Now, I get to deliver the bad news to this potential client that all the time and money they spent creating this gorgeous site went to waste. In order to optimize their site for search engines and make it more user and smartphone friendly, it must be redesigned.

Building SEO friendly Flash sites is hard because everything is in a single .swf file and even though the file may have different pages, the site is still held within a single page. Search engines will have a terrible time crawling the site if it is not coded properly. So, if you care about SEO, don’t even think about going fully Flash!

Flash sites often are developed and designed without much thought given to the overall user experience and especially for the mobile web. Companies that fail to optimize their sites for either, not only let their customers down, they are loosing future business!

Flash websites take longer to load as compared with a site that uses HTML. Most people don’t want to […]

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Social Media or Email – which is better?

Email is a great way to communicate, engage and keep top of mind with prospects, leads and customers. Return on investment is pretty easy to measure with email as well. From a marketer’s perspective, email works!

Most people like to get emails from companies they do business with. They just don’t want to be spammed and especially from companies they don’t know. Email is office approved whereas social media sites, for many corporations, are still frowned upon and blocked.

To say that social media is more successful with the younger generation than email or that it will someday replace email marketing would be wrong. Social media will continue to evolve and change as more people recognize its value. Consider this, you still need an email account to have a social networking account.

So, why not use both? Social media and email marketing work really well together!

For example, offer an incentive on all your marketing literature, advertising and corporate communications to people who sign up on your Facebook Fan Page. You could offer a special discount or giveaway. Then, you can ask your followers to sign up to receive your free newsletter and special offers via email. When it’s time to launch a special promotion or product update, you can launch it on all channels for maximum reach and exposure!

Everyone will agree that quality original content is what will really draw more people to your website and encourage them to buy your stuff. Companies need to learn how to effectively combine email marketing with social media to create a compelling multi-touch brand experience to reach and engage users.

Are you integrating your email marketing with social networking? Share with us how you effectively use them both or why you don’t […]

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